Concept. Ideations. Design and layout. Logo creation. Storyboarding. Everything under the sun. :)
This project was to promote GE's "e-connect", an online portal where users can view their insurance portfolio. ​​​​​​​
Client wanted a logo that can be made into a jacket pin and symbolise connectivity  
The concept was to connect the user's whole life journey through their life insurance plans. Since the user's plan coverage will vary according to their stages of life, this is indicated on the bars at the bottom of the page for the ease of understanding. This bar element was modified from the website so the user is able to know their portfolio coverage for various life stages at once glance.
Users are able to spend more quality time with their family, rather than listening to lengthy insurance explanations on their precious weekends.

The web banners reiterate the various life stages with different plan coverages.
Great Eastern Homepage
e-Connect Homepage
e-Connect FAQ Demo
Direct Mailer
The direct mailer is a pull-out card with step-by-step information for existing policy holders to sign up and login. 
Direct Mailer
Direct Mailer 
This can be converted to a photo frame.

Concept Video
Script & Moodboard

Content Ideas
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